Botox, Dysport & Xeomin

BOTOX and Wrinkles

At Judy L. Bourget Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness Practice, we provide our patients with a variety of injectable and other treatments to help keep them looking and feeling their best. These treatments include injections to relax wrinkles. To learn more about our anti-aging treatments, or to make an appointment with Dr. Bourget, contact our office today.

BOTOX Injectable is a safe and simple technique to help you look more youthful. Results can last as long as six months. Many of our patients at Bourget achieve optimal results by returning for additional BOTOX treatment. And BOTOX carries no recovery time. Our patients appear younger and refreshed, all without surgery.

BOTOX has also been proven to be effective for migraines, involuntary eye twitching, excessive persperation under the arms and muscle spasms.


Dysport has the green light from federal health officials and is a safe and effective anti-aging treatment that helps take years from your appearance after just one session.

With Dysport, patients retain their normal smiles and don’t have the unnatural and frozen look that other products may cause. Dysport treatments are safe and can last for several months.


Doctor Bourget also offers her patients Xeomin. This prescription product temporarily reduces the frown lines that are often located between your eyes. Xeomin employs botulinum toxin type A, which is a great treatment for frown lines.

Doctor Bourget consults with patients one-on-one to determine the best anti-aging treatment for them and to develop a detailed treatment plan.

At Judy L. Bourget Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness Practice, we understand that each patient is an individual – and each has individual aesthetic and beauty goals that they hope to achieve.

That’s why Dr. Bourget offers a variety of anti-aging treatments, procedures and products.

At Bourget Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness Practice, we take the time to get to know our patients and what they hope to achieve through treatment. Together, patients and Dr. Bourget can design treatment plans that leave them looking and feeling their best.

To learn more, schedule your appointment with Dr. Bourget today and start down the road to a more youthful and vital look