Restylane Silk

Judy L. Bourget Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness Practice is happy to announce that we are now providing Restylane Silk treatments, the latest and most effective method to augment your lips and combat wrinkles and lines.

Restylane Silk just recently received approval from the federal government and has been determined to be a safe and effective anti-aging product. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bourget in her Dana Point, California, office, contact us today.


What Is Restylane Silk?

This product is a dermal filler in the form a clear gel. Restylane Silk contains a small amount of lidocaine, which helps dramatically reduce any pain you may feel during treatment. It employs hyaluronic acid, which occurs in your body naturally. Another benefit is that it is non-animal based and contains zero animal proteins.

What Is Restylane Silk For?

Much like its sister product, Restylane, Restylane Silk helps boost volume in your lips. It also is a great way to reduce wrinkles and lines. The final treatment result is a younger and more vital-looking you.

Doctor Bourget can inject Restylane Silk into the area of your face that you want to improve. Results are immediate!

As with any procedure or treatment that we offer, Dr. Bourget meets with patients individually to review their medical histories, discuss their needs and goals and develop a treatment plan that is safe and effective.

Restylane vs Restylane Silk

The products are similar, but the prime difference is that Restylane Silk has lidocaine. This gives Restylane Silk the ability to reduce any potential pain during treatment.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

A major benefit of Restylane Silk is that it’s a very quick procedure. Depending on the patient and the area being treated, Restylane Silk sessions can last anywhere from five minutes to a half hour. If your busy life leaves you little time for aesthetic treatments, Restylane Silk offers a procedure that’s fast – but provides the refreshed and rejuvenated look you desire.

When Will Treatment Results Show?

Treatments carry benefits that appear immediately after your treatment session. Positive results will continue to grow over the next several days.

Is There Downtime?

Restylane Silk treatments carry little downtime. Some patients may have minor swelling or redness near the injection site. But these issues typically disappear a few hours after treatment.

Does Restylane Silk Hurt?

Because Restylane Silk has lidocaine, any pain associated with treatment is minimal. Most patients report no pain at all.

How Long Will My Results Last?

The benefits typically last between six months and a year. All patients are different, so how long results last can vary from patient to patient.

At Judy L. Bourget Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness Practice, we pride ourselves in providing our patients with the best new treatments and products available. Now we can add Restylane Silk to the list of new treatments to help you regain a younger and more vital look. To learn how we can help you take years off your appearance, contact Judy L. Bourget Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness Practice today.