Offering Laguna Niguel Medical Spa Services

Treat Yourself to the Best Laguna Niguel Medical Spa Services

If you want to feel great and look your best, Laguna Niguel medical spa services can help you do it. At the office of Judy L. Bourget, M.D., we offer a wide range of aesthetic- and wellness-related services, including preventive medicine, hormonal therapy and cosmetic procedures. We put customer satisfaction first, so you can expect a comfortable, easy experience when you come to our medical spa.

Affordable Spa Treatment

Whether you’re looking for ZO Skin Health treatment or hormonal replacement therapy, we’ve got you covered. When it comes to Laguna Niguel medical spa services, our prices are affordable, so you can expect a fantastic value when you visit us. Some of the cosmetic procedures we offer include:

Our skin care services are extensive, including facial rejuvenation therapy, chemical peels and hydrafacial care. We go out of our way to give every patient individual attention and great service. From general wellness practices to cosmetic beauty treatments, our spa services could help you feel better and live a healthier life.

Concierge Care

Dr. Bourget offers treatment based on the concierge model of medical care. For the last 14 years, her practice has upheld the MDVIP-recommended requirements for concierge medicine, giving her patients one-on-one attention without distractions from inessential tasks.

Dr. Bourget carefully sets her weekly schedule to ensure that every patient receives abundant personal attention during the session and at all other times. The concierge model of care creates a private, personal relationship between Dr. Bourget and a small number of regular patients.

With Dr. Bourget’s undivided attention and availability, you’ll have privileged access to her full range of Laguna Niguel medical spa services.

Top-Quality Products and Treatment Options

If you’re looking for effective skincare products to keep your skin looking young and vibrant, we offer a full line of ZO Skin Health options. ZO Skin Health products include:

  • Toners
  • Emulsions
  • Facial pads
  • Anti-aging cream
  • Brightening cream
  • Redness-relieving cream
  • Acne-control ointment
  • Dermatologist-formulated sunscreen

ZO Skin Health products help protect your skin’s natural beauty and restore its healthy smoothness and luster. These products are all dermatologist-formulated and proven to rejuvenate skin over the whole body.

Medical Spa Care for Athletes

With our DXA services for measuring body composition, you can get a precise measurement of your lean mass, fat mass and bone density. These numbers can help make your training regimen more effective, potentially reducing the amount of time it takes you to reach peak physical fitness.

The office of Dr. Judy L. Bourget, M.D., offers affordable, high-quality Laguna Niguel medical spa services. Call us today to learn more.