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Brenda Highley

I received this update THIS MORNING from a friend of mine whose son-in-law has been in the ICU in Denver for about a week. My friend is mid-40s with MS and a wife and two kids at home. The last time my friends wife saw him was when he could no longer breath and she dropped him off outside the ER to two people in haz-mat suits. She couldn’t go in.

“It has come to the time when the medical team at UCH HR cannot support [my husband]’s needs.He needs immediate emergency transport to their main hospital for ECMO surgery. His lungs have hardened, his heart is showing complications, his vitals are not stable. Please pray for a safe transport, successful surgery, and a team that can keep him alive. There was no time to discuss options this morning. They either act or he dies at UCH HR today. ?”

Whether you are healthy or not, whether you feel fine or not, these are the people we need to protect. And it’s starting to hit much closer to home.

Please shelter in place, stay there and stay healthy.