Get Creative with your PPE

Get Creative with your PPE

Long waiting lists and exorbitant pricing have frustrated many who would like to protect themselves when they are out in public. Well, let’s get creative with your personal protective equipment!


N95 respirators fit tightly and will keep out 95% of bacteria and viruses. This is the surest way to protect yourself, but not  readily available.

Surgical masks can help shield you from respiratory droplets and spashes. It also keeps you from spreading respiratory droplets to others. Not as effective as the N95 mask in keeping out viruses, but a good alternative.

What if the masks are on backorder until June? Start with a neck gaiter. Although not quite as protective as the masks, they can be a good first line of defense.


Now this is easy to get creative! Wrap around glasses come in all shapes and sizes. This pair is for $14 on


Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle: it’s not quite as convenient as Purell or Clorox Wipes, but certainly will do the trick. Spray it on your hands, the shopping cart, door handles, or whatever concerns you.

In these times of uncertainty, it’s always better to be a little over-cautious. So get creative with your PPE!