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Take Advantage of the Services at Our Irvine Medical Spa

When a person looks good, he or she feels good. Offering the area of Irvine medical spa services that has a compassionate staff and that offers a number of services makes it easier to enjoy a beautiful appearance. At Bourget Medical Aesthetics and Wellness, we help people live life to the fullest and feel great about themselves.

What is a Medical Spa?

A medical spa is similar to a conventional spa but with more specialized treatment options. While there are luxury treatments like facials and massages available, you may have the opportunity to receive laser hair removal, injectables, and similar cosmetic procedures.

Irvine Hormone Replacement Pellets

As a person ages, his or her libido wanes. At our medical spa, this type of issue may be addressed with the use of hormone replacement pellets. These small compounds contain bio-identical hormones like estrogen and testosterone. During a painless procedure, a pellet is placed under the skin. Studies show that this is a safe and effective method of hormone replacement. Unlike creams, patches, and pills, pellets deliver a constant level of hormones into a person’s bloodstream for up to five months.

Preventative Medicine and Concierge Service

Our Irvine medical spa follows a unique concierge model. In other words, Dr. Bourget takes a tailored approach to patient care. For example, there are a limited amount of patients seen each day. No one is rushed, and all patients receive a specialized plan that brings ultimate health benefits. Also, we believe in preventative care. When issues are addressed early, they can be resolved easily.

Irvine Skin Care ZO

When a person wants to use cutting-edge products to receive therapeutic benefits, ZO Skin Health is a brand that brings results. Each item uses the latest scientific advancements and skin therapy techniques to deliver beneficial results. Thanks to a special delivery system and exclusive formulations, patients receive noticeable improvements in their appearances.

Irvine Body Composition DXA

There are times when a person must measure his or her body composition. Using DXA, a person receives an in-depth analysis of his or her fat, muscle, and bone. This “Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry” helps a person set and reach health goals. For example, if bones are losing density, treatment can be made to increase bone strength. Also, it helps a person lose fat and gain muscle. It can increase a person’s overall wellness.

At Bourget Medical Aesthetics and Wellness, a leading medical spa in Irvine, our top priority is offering high standards of medical and cosmetic care to patients. We want to help individuals look good, feel good, and enjoy better health. Thanks to cutting-edge treatments that are backed by science, patients enjoy top results. For more information, contact us at 949-429-8760.