Meet Our Staff


Sandra Kalos

Licensed Aesthetician

Meet our licensed aesthetician Sandra Kalos. Her 25 years of experience is evident in the great results she obtains. She is devoted to helping clients maintain healthy skin by personalizing the treatment for each client. Her passion for treating problematic skin and correcting the aging process is apparent in all those who come under her care.

Sandra has lived and worked in the Beach Communities of Southern California for 35 years, and is very familiar with working with sun and wind damaged skin. “My goal is to have my clients wake up in the morning loving their skin.”
If you are interested in scheduling a skin care treatment, or have any questions about skin health and how you can achieve that healthy and beautiful complexion you’ve always desired, contact the office today at 949-429-8760 and schedule your appointment.


Customized Patient Care

From Our Team

We recognize that each patient is unique and may have different needs and preferences. In addition to customizing the care plan for each patient, we strive to make the environment comfortable to each of our patients, and provide the highest level of care.


Debe Rodriguez

Permanent Make-Up
Paramedical Artist

Debe Rodriguez

Debe recently joined our team and brings tremendous energy and experience to the office. Debe is a certified permanent make-up and paramedical artist who has spent 25 years honing her craft. Combining her talent of being creative with being symmetrical, she yields almost angelic results. To see the master at work, review her work in the gallery or visit her on instagram at %%%%% (We are setting this up now.)

Debe is also a licensed medical aesthetician who specializes in Plasma Rich Micro-needling (PRM). She has seen fantastic results with this procedure and encourages everyone to try it. Her understanding of skin care is broad yet innovative, which makes her the perfect source to help her clients obtain optimal results.


Debby Algier

Appointments and Billing

Debby Algier has been with Dr. Bourget for more than 9 years and is our go-to gal for anything “office”. She is the one greeting you at the front desk, helping you with scheduling appointments and answering all your insurance questions. Debby is a long time local to Dana Point and an incredible resource.