Body Composition DXA

Body Composition DXA

DXA for Body Composition

The BodyLogic™ scan, available on the Horizon®  DXA system, provides detailed measurements of the body by looking at bone density, lean mass and fat mass. This information is critical for accurately assessing the state of a patient or athlete’s health and defining successful treatment plans and training programs.

Bi-annual scans are included for all of our concierge medicine patients.

Advanced Body Composition® Assessment

What is Advanced Body Composition® Assessment? It’s a quick, low dose X-ray exam that measures the three main tissues of your body: fat, lean mass, and bone. The test will help Dr. Bourget assess the level of exercise or the intervention needed to maintain a good ratio between fat and lean muscle mass.


The BodyLogic™ Scan: Weight Loss

The BodyLogic™ scan, available on the Horizon® DXA system, serves as an additional tool to monitor and enhance patients’ weight loss and weight management programs. When used in conjunction with weight management programs, data from the BodyLogic™ scan can be used to help patients lose body fat, not muscle mass, for a more successful and healthier long-term weight loss plan.

Case Studies



Below are some examples of the Scan Results