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Rejuvenate Your Body With Laguna Beach Medical Spa Services

At Judy L. Bourget MD Medical Aesthetics & Wellness, our team is here to help you look and feel better. We are committed to creating a positive customer experience for everyone who walks through our doors, and we take pride in our reputation for excellent service. Our medical spa provides a variety of services that are designed to boost overall wellness for mind and body.

Medical Spa

If you have never been to a medical spa before, it is a combined spa and aesthetic medical practice. A licensed physician supervises the clinic and provides some of the services that only a physician can perform. You will find nonsurgical treatments to improve your physical appearance and health. From chemical peels to osteoporosis screening, we offer a wide range of beneficial services and treatments.

Hormone Replacement Pellets

Due to the safety concerns over synthetic hormones, more people today use bioidentical hormones. The pellets we use distribute hormones consistently to prevent uncomfortable fluctuations. Also, based on your specific needs, we prescribe a precise dose for you to help you feel better.

Preventative Medicine & Concierge ServiceOne of the keys to improving your overall wellness is keeping up with preventative care. We provide you with a full health assessment to make personalized recommendations for diet, exercise, medical services and more. With our concierge service, you have access to valuable medical services when you need them. This gives you peace of mind that you can rely on us when you need us most.

Laguna Beach Medical Spa

Skin Care ZO

ZO skincare products are designed for a variety of skin health needs and disorders. Gentle and effective, they help people achieve and maintain healthy skin. Combining science with skin health is the goal behind the product line. The product development team continually looks for new developments and trends to keep this a cutting-edge skincare line.

Body Composition DXA & Body Fat Analysis

We use the Horizon DXA system’s BodyLogic scan to look at muscle, fat and bone composition of the body. With these measurements, it is easier to make an assessment of body health and develop a custom treatment plan. The DXA system we utilize is even more useful than BMI. It also allows us to accurately assess risks for several chronic illnesses.

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If you are looking for a Laguna Beach medical spa or an Orange County medical spa, we are here to help you learn more about your body and how to reach your health goals. Our spa is located in Dana Point, and we proudly serve the Orange County area.