Providing Ladera Ranch Medical Spa Services

Give Your Body The Love It Deserves

Our Ladera Ranch Medical Spa offers a variety of specialized health services ranging from facial rejuvenation and chemical peels to bio-identical hormone pellets and body contouring. No matter your age, we’ll work to keep you healthy, happy, and confident in your own body.

The New Ladera Ranch Medical Spa Experience

When most people think about a medical spa, they picture scenes of relaxation and pampering. Our medical spa goes well above and beyond the basics to ensure that you receive adequate treatment of skin and health conditions. Our cutting-edge technology, combined with experienced health professionals, can handle all types of bodily conditions, such as aging, weight gain, hormone imbalances, cosmetic issues, and so much more. Our full-body approach will have you not only looking good but feeling good as well.

Ladera Ranch Hormone Replacement Pellets

Whether you’re reaching your golden years or have been dealing with an ongoing hormonal imbalance, bio-identical hormones can help. These particular hormones have been utilized safely by both men and women throughout France, Japan, and other European countries for many years. However, they’re just starting to catch on in the United States.

Unlike hormonal injections, creams, and patches, replacement pellets offer a steady stream of hormone delivery. You’ll no longer have to ride the emotional roller coaster of constantly changing hormone levels. With our bio-identical hormones, you can get the appropriate dosage delivered to your body all day long.

Ladera Ranch Preventative Medicine / Concierge Service

When you visit our medical spa, you can be assured that our doctors will take the time to get to know you and your body. With our preventative medicine concierge service, you’ll not only receive revolutionary patient care. But, you can enjoy a membership that provides you with comprehensive examinations, specialized treatment schedules, and constant monitoring to ensure your body gets and stays in its most optimal condition.

Ladera Ranch Skin Care ZO Services

Creating and maintaining healthy skin for life doesn’t have to be difficult. All it takes is having the right products with the right ingredients. With our ZO skin care line, you have access to products that improve your skin’s natural functions, prevent various skin disorders, and provide you with visible results that you’ll love.

Serving Ladera Ranch with Body Composition DXA – Body Fat Analysis

When you visit our Ladera Ranch Medical Spa, you can enjoy undergoing a detailed Horizon DXA scan. This is a full-body scan that looks at your body’s fat mass, lean mass, and bone density. With the assistance of a Body Composition DXA scan, our knowledgeable health professionals can accurately assess your condition and create personalized treatment and training programs.

Whether you have a specific service that you would like to schedule or you just want to learn more about how we can get you looking and feeling your best, simply give us a call today. Our revolutionized medical spa is always here to assist you with balancing your wellness.