BioTE Bio-identical Therapy – Find the Perfect Balance in Your Life

BioTe bioidential hormone pellets

BioTE Bio-identical Therapy – Find the Perfect Balance in Your Life

Hormonal changes with age are as natural to our body as breathing the air or sleeping at night. But when these hormones aren’t regulated by the body as they should, we get frustrated as it affects our daily life. There are many side effects of hormone imbalance, which can become frustrating if it not treated. This is when Bio-identical hormone pellets therapy comes into play!

It may be the answer to the frequently asked question, ‘what to do when most of your day is ruined due to feeling unwell because of hormone imbalance?’ Bio-identical hormone pellets supplies hormones 24/7 when needed. Read on to find out more about the Bio-identical hormone pellets.

Why Consider Hormonal Therapy?

Hormone imbalance hits women the hardest, especially during menopause, as they are off the charts. However, most don’t know that many men go through hormone imbalance for various reasons though not nearly as severe as women.

Sometimes the imbalance takes too much fun out of your life, and you need a solution if you have a stressful home or work life. Bio-identical hormone pellets therapies are one of the safest solution in this case and should be considered by people who go through it often.

You should consider it, as it can alleviate your unwanted issues and symptoms and give you back your life.

What is Bio-identical Hormone Pellets Therapy?

Bio-identical hormone pellets are made from a combination of testosterone and estradiol or, based on the patients, one of these. These pellets are made by pressing ingredients into tiny cylinders, typically the size of a Tic Tac. These are typically used near your abdomen wall or the hip and inserted with a small incision. The incision is tape closed, which heals itself in a few days.

Hormone therapy has come a long way and has become one of the most natural ways to maintain and replenish male/female hormone levels. Bio-identical hormone pellets are placed under the skin, releasing a regulated amount of hormones. The amount of regulation is set by your physician according to your needs and everyone’s body doesn’t fit all type of thing.

What are the Advantages of Bio-identical Hormone Pellets?

Following are some specific possible benefits of these hormone pellets:

  • The hormones are fed directly to your bloodstream
  • 24/7 regulated hormones
  • Controlled by the body, stress and exercise release more while at rest releases less
  • Each pellet placement lasts up to 5 months
  • No need for daily application of gels and creams
  • Better sexual function and clarity while enhancing bone strength and density

Are Bio-identical Hormone Pellets Safe to Use?

Yes, these are safe to use and approved by FDA, and only certified BioTE specialists can use and medicate them to patients. They work like any other bio-identical hormone pellets and are made from natural ingredients while batch processed for mass production.

What are the Side Effects of Using Bio-identical Hormone Pellets?

There are some side effects associated with bio-identical hormone pellets therapy if the dosage is not correct such as:

  • Tiredness and blurred vision
  • Weight gain
  • Acne and growth of facial hair, especially in women
  • Bloating and cramping
  • Irregular mood swings
  • Breast tenderness

You should consult your doctor or physician immediately if you have noticed aggressive behavior and a mark is left after a few days on the incision point.

Why BioTE from Judy L Bourget MD?

Bio-identical hormone pellets are a complicated therapy and can have many side effects in not appropriately done in the proper dosage. BioTE-trained practitioners are trustworthy and can enhance your hormonal imbalance and help you age gracefully. Get the best therapy from our trained and certified professionals if you are in Dana Point, CA.

Well Trained Professionals

All our staff and practitioners are trained and certified by BioTE professionals and experts. These experts have years of therapy practice experience and have worked with thousands of patients. We hope that all our patients enjoy their life to the fullest and should only need to come in every 3-5 months.

Best Bio-identical Hormone Pellets Dosing

Proper dosing is the art of hormonal replacement therapy, which our doctors and practitioners diagnose through precise testing methods. Every patient is prescribed according to their body chemistry and is provided the most accurate dose required.

Hormone Consistency

When we insert bio-identical hormone pellets, you should not need to come back for up to 5 months. These pellets release hormones at regular intervals when needed and supply 24/7, no matter what you are doing.

No More Synthetic Hormones

FDA didn’t regulate Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in 2002, which caused many issues with supplying hormones. These hormone pills were synthetic and couldn’t provide the proper dosage, so millions stopped taking them.

With BioTE, you don’t need to worry about anything, as these bio-identical hormone pellets are made from natural ingredients and can only be prescribed by certified individuals.