To My Loyal Patients,

As of January 1, 2019, I will no longer be associated with any IPA/HMO. If you are currently contracted with Monarch or Prospect IPA for your health care it will be necessary to choose a new primary provider. For those who wish to continue to use their PPO or Medicare insurance an annual fee of $1,700 will be implemented. This fee is in conjunction with maintaining your health insurance. There are several concierge models available through private companies that are in partnership with physicians. The cost to the patient for membership averages between $1,800-$2,500. The model utilized by my office is slightly different.


If you wish to educate yourself, please review to become familiar with the standard concierge model. It explains how the average practice treats approximately 18 patients per day. The MDVIP site delineates everything that is offered to patients who wish for a more tailored approach to patient care. Interestingly, almost everything they present as innovative and a new approach to patient care is what I have implemented for the past 14 years.

In addition Dr. Bourget routinely:

  • Reviews all medications and supplements
  • Critiques and makes suggestions regarding supplements taken by patients
  • Has office staff routinely call back on all lab and X-ray data performed that was not reviewed with the patient by Dr. Bourget
  • Has office staff assist in obtaining tier III and IV level medications for patients
  • Has office staff assist in completing forms for assisted living, annual health assessment for employer, and various administrative forms

Additional benefits included in the Bourget concierge model:

  • Three whole body composition scans performed at 4 month intervals. Whole body scan is the gold standard in assessing fat, lean mass, and visceral fat. The accurate assessment of visceral fat is important as it relates to risk of heart attack and stroke. Value $375.00
  • 20% off on hormone pellet therapy. Bioidentical hormones offer many medical benefits and symptomatic relief for both men and women. Pellet therapy is the ideal route to deliver hormone replacement as it offers the most natural and consistent results. Value $240 to $320.00
  • One difference from the MDVIP model is that Dr. Bourget will not be available 24 hrs/day. Realistically, if you have an emergency at 3 AM you should be calling 911 and not your primary physician.

Do you have an HSA account? If you have an HSA account or were thinking of switching to one for 2019, then know that the annual fee for concierge service could be applied to your HSA account.

I do understand how expensive health care is. I also understand that the concierge model will not work for everyone. For those who I may lose, I can tell you now that it has been a pleasure to provide health care for you. I know that there are still many questions that several of you may have. Please feel free to call the office to discuss. As always, we look forward to hearing from you, serving you, and striving to support your growth in becoming the healthiest you possible!


Judy L Bourget MD

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