Offering Lake Forest Medical Spa Services

Lake Forest medical spa servicesValuable Lake Forest Medical Spa Services That Improve Body and Mind

If you are ready to feel and look better, Judy L. Bourget MD Medical Aesthetics & Wellness is here to help you accomplish your goals. We provide residents of Lake Forest medical spa services in near by Dana Point.  We provide multiple ways for you to improve your body and mind. We strive to create a superb customer experience when it comes to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Lake Forest Medical Spa

Medical spas combine aesthetic medical procedures and spa treatments to give you the ultimate experience. All services are either provided or supervised by a licensed physician. We offer several nonsurgical techniques that help improve physical health and appearance. You can experience the benefits of hydrofacials, body contouring, laser hair removal and many other treatments. Also, we offer nutritional assessments, osteoporosis screening and more.

Lake Forest Hormone Replacement Pellets

Bioidentical hormones have been growing in popularity because they offer more benefits than many synthetic hormones. We prescribe the right dose for your individual needs to achieve the desired effects, and the pellets have consistent distribution to prevent periods of significant discomfort.

Lake Forest Preventative Medicine / Concierge Service

If you are looking for comprehensive Lake Forest preventative services, we offer a full health assessment to help you address all areas of need. We help you develop the right exercise, diet and medical care plans for your unique health factors and history. If you like the convenience of having our valuable services available whenever you want them, our concierge service is for you.

Lake Forest Skin Care ZO

For any special skin conditions or needs, ZO skincare products are effective and gentle. If you are looking for products to help you maintain skin that is already healthy, they are also great choices. Always looking for new innovations, ZO combines the benefits of skincare with science to deliver cutting-edge products to you.

Lake Forest Body Composition DXA – Body Fat Analysis

Many people benefit from our Lake Forest hormone body composition DXA service to find the right diet, exercise and medicinal solutions to lose weight they gained from hormonal issues. The Horizon DXA system we use analyzes fat, muscle and bone composition to give us the right information to create a personalized treatment strategy. We can also identify other risks with it, and its metrics are more valuable than BMI alone.

Learn More About Medical Spa Services in Lake Forest

Our team is excited to help you on the path to looking and feeling better. Please reach out to us for more information about Lake Forest medical spa services, and we will be happy to discuss your concerns and health goals with you.