The Relationship Between Bioidentical Hormone Pellets and Alzheimer’s?

The Relationship Between Bioidentical Hormone Pellets and Alzheimer’s?

It is a well established fact that both bioidentical hormone pellets (estrogen and testosterone) convey a neuroprotective affect on the brain. Both estrogen and testosterone help to reduce the accumulation of beta amyloid, a critical factor in both the initiation and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

The brain has a high-level of estrogen and androgen receptor’s. Androgens have found to be important in improving cognition, memory, and spatial awareness.

A very interesting study called The Active Study was recently completed to determine what type of cognitive training could be done to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Patients 65 years and older were split up into three groups. The first group focused on memory, where patients would memorize lists. The second group focused on reasoning, where patients essentially worked on puzzles. And the third group was speed of processing, where the patients had to spatially identify two targets simultaneously and respond accordingly. We can all relate to speed of processing if you have ever tried to merge onto the freeway and had to make quick decisions on what to do.

All three arms of the study resulted in cognitive improvements. Those patients who memorized lists had 26% improvement in memory. Those patients who did puzzles had 74% increase in reasoning, and the patients who participated in speed of processing had 87% improvement in making quick decisions.

But unique to the speed of processing group, there was statistical significance in patients demonstrating protection against Alzheimer’s.  This was not seen in the other two groups.

As a practitioner I can’t help but wonder if the spatial awareness enhancement related to testosterone does not augment the neuroprotective affect of decreasing beta amyloid. One thing I can confirm is that my patients live a richer, more robust life on proper hormone replacement.

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