Offering Newport Beach Medical Spa Services -Serving South Orange County

The Wellness Solution You’ve Been Seeking?

From body contouring to preventative wellness, we offer Newport Beach medical spa services to help you stay healthy and confident at any age. Providing a wide variety of services that optimize your well being inside and out.

Medical Spa Serving the Newport Beach Area

Whereas a traditional spa focuses on pampering and relaxation, our medical spa goes above and beyond to treat skin and health conditions in an inviting, indulgent and relaxing setting. At our Newport beach medical spa, we use cutting-edge technology to treat cosmetic and physical issues, such as signs of aging, hormone imbalances and weight gain. Our comprehensive services focus on prevention. However, we offer a broad range of procedures for correcting existing conditions. Our whole-body approach ensures that you look as good as you feel and feel as good as you look.

Hormone Replacement Pellets

One of the primary factors that impact aging is your hormones. As you get older, your hormone levels shift, making you feel and look different than you did 10 years ago. Newport Beach hormone replacement pellets offer a customized way to offset some of the symptoms that you have been experiencing. This solution eases the roller-coaster ride that may people experience when taking hormones. We offer a full assessment so that we can create a treatment plan that works with your unique body. Hormone replacement pellets are a non-invasive therapy that provides a constant stream of hormones, leaving you feeling like yourself but better.

Preventative Medicine/Concierge Service

Are you tired of making appointments with doctors who don’t really know you and rush you through your visits? We agree that this is not an adequate care model. That’s why we offer a preventative medicine concierge service that offers a revolutionary approach to patient care. With your membership, you will receive comprehensive examinations, timely treatment, ample one-on-one time with Dr. Bourget. We continually evaluate your schedule for medications, supplements, nutrition and treatments to maximize your benefits and keep you in optimal shape.

Skin Care ZO

When you can’t come into the office for one of our skin rejuvenation services, you can use our Skin Care ZO products at home. These dermatologist-developed products are formulated with ingredients that support your skin’s ability to heal and flourish.  Skin CareZO products resolve and prevent a wide variety of skin conditions, helping you look radiant as you age.

Composition DXA

Did you know that your body composition plays a vital role in your health? Depending on the ratios of fat, lean muscle and bone in your body, certain methods of weight loss and maintenance may be more effective for you than others. Your nutritional requirements are also linked to your body composition. A composition DXA assessment will bring awareness to aspects of your wellness and fitness that you may not have considered before.

Whether you’re curious about how our methods can help you surpass plateaus and feel your best or are ready to enhance and balance your wellness, contact us to learn how this Newport Beach medical spa can revolutionize your health.