Offering San Juan Capistrano Medical Spa Services

Providing San Juan Capistrano Medical Spa Service

Oftentimes, a person’s mood depends on the way that he or she feels about himself or herself.  Serving  San Juan Capistrano area medical spa services with an experienced staff promising you top results.  When clients visit Bourget Medical Aesthetics and Wellness, their overall well-being is heightened.

San Juan Capistrano Medical SpaMedical Spa Services

Many individuals are familiar with conventional day spa facilities. A medical spa is quite similar but offers more specialized treatment options. In other words, clients may take advantage of facials and similar procedures. However, there are more involved treatments available, including laser hair removal and injectables.

San Juan Capistrano Hormone Replacement Pellets for Treatment

As time progresses, a person’s sex drive decreases. Menopause wreaks havoc on a woman’s entire body as well. A medical spa is able to deal with these types of circumstances. We offer San Juan Capistrano hormone replacement pellets. These contain bio-identical hormones like testosterone and estrogen and are used to treat imbalances. During a visit, a pellet is placed beneath the skin. There is no pain, and reported results are very positive. These pellets provide an even level of hormones throughout a five month period of time.

Preventative Medicine and Concierge Service

There is a concierge model practiced at our San Juan Capistrano medical spa. To explain, our doctor tailors care to each patient. For instance, each individual receives adequate one-on-one time with Dr. Bourget so that individual health needs are met. Also, there are limited appointments so that things are never rushed. Most importantly, we practice preventative care. By carefully addressing issues early, they may be treated before they become major problems.

San Juan Capistrano Skin Care ZO

ZO Skin Health is a trusted brand of products that utilizes the latest technology to deliver therapeutic benefits. Every item uses scientific breakthroughs to bring noticeable results. The unique delivery system and exclusive formula provide patients with vast improvements in appearance.

San Juan Capistrano Body Composition DXA – Body Fat Analysis

When it is necessary to measure a person’s body composition, DXA allows for a more in-depth analysis of fat, bone, and muscle. DXA, also called “Dual X-ray Absorptiometry,” is a helpful tool that aids with setting and reaching health goals. For instance, if low bone density is detected, it is possible to formulate treatments that help to strengthen bone mass. Also, it is possible to help an individual drop fat and to increase muscle.

The goal of Bourget Medical Aesthetics and Wellness is to provide top standards of medical care and cosmetic treatments to our clients. We strive to make people look good so that they feel good. In the process, this increases health and well-being. For more information about our science-based treatments, contact us at 949-429-8760.